Time traveling through Art and Design at the Humboldt Hotel

Skeitez skateboard art at the Humboldt Hotel

        The Humboldt Hotel is located atop the Waraira Repano National Park (El Ávila), 7,020 feet above sea level in Caracas, Venezuela. Sending you back to the fifties upon arrival, the hotel is located on a concrete island in a profuse forest overlooking beautiful Caracas City. Seen from almost anywhere in the city because of its lighthouse, the Humboldt is an iconic emblem of Venezuela’s economic boom in the 1900’s and to this date remains a vital component of the country’s culture. After an impressive 200 day build and a breathtaking architecture design by famous Venezuelan architect, Thomas Jose Sanabria, it was inaugurated on December 29th, 1956. After years of operating, the hotel spend some years in the dark due to certain economic hardships faced by the management team. Yet, after undergoing a project whose mission to restore the hotel started in the year 2012, and culminated in 2018, the hotel finally re-opened its doors to the public. 

SKEITEZ adds a contemporary touch to the 50s 

        We are intrigued to announce Skeitez has recently installed 3 pieces in the Humboldt Hotel lobby. The design consists of three views from Los Roques, Venezuela's paradise on Earth. We decided to name the composition "The Capital of Heaven".

        It is truly an honor to be one of the chosen artists to exhibit their art on these iconic walls, surrounded by the influence of other impecable artists and incredible interior design. We are proud to be a small part of one of Venezuela’s best hotels and emblematic attractions, for it is not only an icon to our culture but a glimpse of its history. Everything inside the building tells a story, every choice was meticulously made to serve this purpose and that is the reason why it takes its visitors back to years of luxurious extravagance almost instantly once they walk through their entrance.

We look forward to working with them in the future again. 

Check out our TikTok to see the mounting process!


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